Onsite Rental for Video Conferencing Equipment

Onsite Video Conferencing Setup in Hotel Ballroom - Sample

You have a very important conference event and were informed at the last minute an overseas speaker cannot be at the event physically. But he/she offered to speak via video conference to the attendees at the hotel ballroom.

You are running a one-off project that requires collaboration between different countries. You suddenly have the need for temporary onsite video conferencing facility for short period like few days to a week.

Now you can rent video conference equipment and deploy them at your very own office or any off-site venue like hotel room.

The equipment rental service also comes with necessary audio-visual peripherals like projectors, projection screens, speakers and microphones to complete the solution. Qualified technicians can also be deployed onsite to offer immediate support and sound checks / adjustments to ensure your event is a success.

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Please visit the page on Considerations for Onsite Video Conferencing Rental on what you need to consider when you want to rent and deploy a video conferencing facility onsite.