Polycom HDX 8000

Polycom HDX 8000

Polycom HDX 8000 is one of Polycom’s more popular models for room-based video conferencing setup. This flexible and robust video conferencing equipment delivers the UltimateHD experience – HD Video, HD Voice and HD Content.   

With HD Video, participants will be able to experience smooth, natural motion and sharp video images, all at full-HD 1080p resolution.

Polycom’s HD Voice technology gives the most natural audio with clear separation of multiple voices so you can know who is speaking.  

HD Content allows you to share PC content like presentation and drawings at very high resolution (up to 1080p).


Like the Polycom HDX 7000, there are 2 variants of Polycom HDX 8000 video conferencing system.

  1. Polycom HDX 8000 – 720 (HD) – MSRP from USD$15,999
  2. Polycom HDX 8000 – 1080 (Full-HD) – MSRP from USD$18,999

MSRP stands for Manufacturer’s suggested retail price. In Singapore, it is commonly known as the Recommended Selling Price.

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Polycom HDX 8000 - Used in a Meeting Room

Polycom HDX 8000 video conference equipment is a powerful workhorse that is very suitable for:

  • Small to Medium Sized Meeting Rooms
  • Long Distance Education Classroom
  • Telemedicine – Remote Patient Care / Monitoring
  • Regional Offices – Video Conference to Cut Down Traveling Expenses

Useful Features and Benefits

  • People on Content – The participant becomes part of the presentation (like weather forecast with weather information behind the presenter) which makes presentation more enjoyable and interesting.
  • Multi-point Capability – Polycom HDX 8000 comes embedded with this feature to enable multi-party conferencing between yourself and 3 other remote participants.
  • High Bandwidth – Up to 6 Mbps can be used during point-to-point call to give the best HD video conferencing experience at 1080p.
  • Flexible Connections – Besides the common IP connectivity, Polycom HDX 8000 can also connect with legacy video conferencing equipment via ISDN @ BRI / PRI.

System Specifications

Polycom HDX 8000 - Back View

  • 16:9 Widescreen
  • High Definition up to 1080p
  • H.323 IP / SIP up to 6 Mbps
  • H.320 ISDN Connectivity Support  @ BRI / PRI
  • H.261, H.264, H.264 High Profile, H.263++
  • Polycom StereoSurround™ Technology
  • Content Sharing (People + Content, People on Content)
  • 4-way Multi-party Conferencing (optional)
  • Video Input / Output – 4 x Video Input, 3 x Video Output
  • Audio Input / Output – 4 x Audio Input, 2 x Audio Output
  • 1 x 10/100 RJ-45 port for IP connectivity
  • 1 x Analog Phone Interface (POTS)

Data Collaboration and Presentation Tools

Polycom - People on Content Illustration

With People + Content and People on Content features, the Polycom HDX 8000 unit allows you to send presentation materials or screenshots from your PC to remote end.

People on Content can superimpose the presenter onto the presentation slides (as a part of it), so that audience can focus on both presenter and content at the same time.    

Sharing of content from PC can be easily done via a direct cable or IP over LAN.

To further enhance collaboration, you can activate the embedded Multipoint Software Option. Once activated, this option will allow 4-way multiparty conferencing which you can make video calls to 3 other remote locations.

To make video calls on ISDN connectivity, separate BRI or PRI ISDN network modules have to be purchased at point-of-purchase.

Power and Dimensions

  • Dimensions: 35.3cm (H) x 13.0cm (W) x 27.9cm (D)
  • Weight: 5.5kg
  • Power Consumption: AC 100 – 240 V, Auto-Sensing Power supply

What’s Included

The Polycom HDX 8000 video conferencing system package comes with the following items:

  1. Polycom HDX 8000 HD Codec
  2. Polycom EagleEye Camera
  3. Polycom HDX Microphone Array
  4. Remote Control
  5. Essential Cables

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