Video Conferencing Equipment

We are a brand agnostic video conferencing systems provider. We work with various partners and major brands to provide the most cost effective and best-of-breed video conference solutions to you.

The brands of video conferencing equipment we specialize in are:

  1. Polycom
  2. Tandberg (acquired by Cisco in 2009)
  3. Radvision
  4. LifeSize

In addition to having expertise with the above brands, we also work with the following AV (audio-visual) equipment manufacturers to provide an integrated meeting room with video conferencing facility, displays and sound systems.


Projector can be used to display a large video conferencing image of the remote party and PC presentation.

Brands – Canon, NEC, Sanyo, Panasonic, Christie, Mitsubishi, InFocus, Epson, Barco

Plasma / LCD / LED Display Monitors

LED display monitors are commonly used as dual-monitor mode in a video conferencing room setup – PC presentation and remote party video appear side-by-side in each monitor.

Brands – Samsung, LG, NEC, Sharp, Panasonic, Sony

AV Switchers

Audio and video switchers makes it easy for distributing many different input sources like videos from laptops, DVD players, video conferencing systems and TV set-top boxes to displays like projectors or LCD monitors.

Brands – Extron, Kramer

Audio Systems – Speakers, Microphones & Audio Processors

Audio systems are pre-requisite for large venues like boardrooms, conference rooms and auditoriums. Ceiling speakers are for local sound reinforcement and microphones to capture audio from the wider audience.

Brands – Yamaha, JBL, QSC, Tannoy, JVC, Biamp, ClearOne, Shure, Audio-Technica, Sennheiser

Touch Panel Control Systems

Touch panel control system is to provide one-touch control and automation for all AV devices – eliminating the need to grapple with multiple remote controls.

Brands – Crestron, AMX, Extron, Control4, RTI

Video Conferencing Equipment Rental Services

Besides selling the above brands of equipment, we also provide the following rental services:

  1. Onsite Rental for Video Conferencing Equipment
  2. Video Conference Room Rental