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We're are Singapore's industry leader in the design, installation and management / support of reliable and easy-to-use video conferencing and audio visual systems.

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Video Conferencing Singapore

Welcome to Video Conferencing – home of the leading video conferencing and audio visual company offering solutions to corporations, government agencies, educational sectors, medical institutions, and small businesses in Singapore and worldwide.

Typical Videoconferencing Room Setup

Our company is the leader in design, installation, and support reliable and user-friendly video conferencing solutions that help both local and international organizations enhance communication, increase efficiency, reduce travel costs, and improve productivity with the following offerings:

  • Video Conferencing Systems Design & Consultation
  • Video Conferencing Deployment
  • Audio Visual Integration
  • Collaboration Software
  • Meeting & Boardrooms Acoustics
  • Room Lighting Design
  • Video Streaming Solutions
  • Systems Integration

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Why use SG Videoconferencing?

Video conferencing when deployed correctly saves organizations money and time. We can help design the right audio visual and video conferencing system that gives the most dramatic impact on your organization’s bottom line. Here are just some of the benefits that await:

Huddle Space Video Conference Setup
  • Lower travel costs: – Face to face meeting is irreplaceable; however, there are many situations where your organization can save serious money on hotel and airfare costs, and also prevent loss of productivity from traveling downtime.
  • Lower carbon emissions: – Make your company “greener” and more environmentally responsible by using video-collaborative solutions instead of air travel.
  • Reinforced relationships: – Because video conferencing makes it cheaper to meet with your clients and partners in any part of the world, you can meet with them more often.
  • Faster collaboration: – Projects that used to take several weeks to finish because of traditional travel can now get done in a matter of days or hours, thanks to the collaboration solutions that we offer.
  • Higher quality of life: – Your employees no longer need to spend most of their days on the road and in airports. Give them some time off to spend with family and loved ones, and watch their productivity soar.

Reliable Video Conferencing Solutions

SG Videoconferencing has the unique expertise and qualifications to lead you to the right design and system. Our goal is to give you cutting edge but ease of use video conferencing and audio visual design to integrate with your current business meeting patterns. Our ready to use audio visual and video conferencing solutions give your organization the advantage over the competition. We can deploy the most cost-effective solutions using the latest technologies at the lowest rates possible.

We can also custom-build your video conferencing rooms from design to completion, or refurbish your existing meeting rooms with the best audio visual technology. Our company’s team works and coordinates with architects, general contractors, and site mangers to organize and finish your project at the most efficient rate. We can give you the look and the technology that represents your company and effectively showcases your brand image.

It doesn’t matter where in Singapore or in the world you are – we have the experience and expertise to reach you and get the job done.

Industry-leading Partnerships

Because we have the highest levels of technical expertise and excellent customer service record in the Singapore’s video conferencing industry, we have secured partnerships with the world’s leading systems manufacturers such as Polycom, Tandberg, LifeSize, Crestron, Extron, Sony, Audio-Technica, Epson, Canon, and Bosch, to name a few. Our partnership with these industry giants gives us easy access to parts, repairs, technical assistance, and equipment exchanges whenever necessary.

Stay Connected

SG Videoconferencing is proud to provide unmatched hybrid collaboration and bridging technology. Depending on your needs, we can build systems based on ISDN or IP technologies so you can enjoy improved reliability, better security, better scalability, easier installation, and lower costs. Our bridging services are reliable – they are up and ready whenever you need them.

Training and Support

Our goal is to make using video conferencing with integrated audio visual systems as easy as dialing a phone. By the time we are done with training your personnel, using the system to meet with a client in London is as easy as placing a collect call. We will also provide more advanced training to your technical personnel, enabling them to repair and troubleshoot simpler issues.