Considerations for Onsite Video Conferencing Rental

When you decide to embark on renting of video conferencing equipment onsite for your event, you would need to get the following information ready.

  1. Where is the venue? Is it in a hotel room or your own office?
  2. If it is a hotel room or hall, does it come with its own projectors, projection screens and sound system?
  3. How many participants are there in the event?
  4. Do you need video recording for the whole event session?
  5. For the chosen venue, does it come ready with leased line or high bandwidth (at least 512 kbps) Internet connection?
  6. Will there be question and answer session between participants and overseas speaker?
  7. If there is a local trainer / presenter, do you need to send his PC presentation materials and video image to the overseas party?

Based on the above information, we would then be able to provide a customized rental package that covers all your needs. The package will also include deployment of trained and highly skilled AV engineer to provide support throughout the event.

Contact us now to enquire about our affordable and customized onsite rental package.