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Polycom Video Conferencing  

Polycom has a wide range of video conferencing systems that can be confusing for a first time buyer. We have grouped the myriad video conference models into 2 main categories:

  1. Room-based Systems
  2. Desktop Systems

Room Systems

Room-based videoconferencing systems are meant for small to large meeting group usage. It is commonly used to transform an existing meeting room into a video collaboration facility.

Polycom QDX 6000

Polycom QDX 6000SMEs looking for a low cost professional video conferencing equipment?
Regional offices need cheap and fast-to-deploy video meeting solutions?
Polycom QDX 6000 will be your perfect choice.

Suitable for small to medium sized meeting rooms.



Polycom HDX 6000

Polycom HDX 6000Need a Full-HD video conferencing system that won’t put a hole in your pocket?
Polycom HDX 6000 is an entry-level and highly affordable model that does point-to-point HD video calls.

Suitable for standard meeting and conference rooms.



 Polycom HDX 7000 Series

Polycom HDX 7000Want a system that offers Full-HD video, video conferencing with multiple offices and able to share laptop presentations?
Polycom HDX 7000 allows you to do all that.

Suitable for regional offices and conference rooms.


Polycom HDX 8000 Series

Polycom HDX 8000Have a large boardroom that sits more than 20 people?
Or you have a class room that requires multiple cameras and displays?
Polycom HDX 8000 is a popular workhouse model that can do all the above.

Suitable for all meeting environment including boardrooms,  telemedicine and distance learning.         


Polycom HDX 9000 Series

Polycom HDX 9000 VideoNeed a high-tech boardroom to impress your customers?
Or you have a very large room like auditorium that requires video conferencing facility?
Polycom HDX 9000 is a top-line model that offers a lot flexibility for complex setups.

Suitable for very large venue setup like auditoriums and high-tech boardrooms.


Desktop Systems

Desktop videoconferencing systems are ideal for you to conduct video meetings anytime from your office desk. It is an integrated system with LCD display that is normally meant for single person usage.

Polycom HDX 4002

Polycom HDX 4002Your busy executives need a personal desktop video conference system?
And it must have small footprint and can help save limited desktop space?

Polycom HDX 4002 is an entry-level executive desktop model.
Equipped with 20.1″ LCD screen that double-up as PC monitor (save space).

Suitable for C-level executives, financial analysts and consultants.


Polycom HDX 4500

Polycom HDX 4500Your CEO needs a good looking executive desktop video conference system?
And it must be easy to use and control for the busy executive?

Polycom HDX 4500 is a premium model equipped with Full-HD 1080p camera, 24” integrated LCD screen and detachable keypad control.

Suitable for C-level executives and senior management


To know more about Polycom and its past, please visit Polycom’s History page.